1. Memorizing Information.

This is cardinal sin #1 for many reasons. The GED® exam will test you on a wide array of subjects and topics that you will be required to know in order to score a passing grade. The topics you will be tested on will no doubt require some memorization but it is important to know what to memorize.

Attempting to memorize all of your study material in order to prepare for your exam is like driving to a different state without a GPS. You don’t have direction.

A lack of direction will put you off track and surely lead you to fail your exam.

2.Focusing Too Much Time On the Wrong Content.

Although you are asked to study a wide range of contents, there is no guarantee which ones will actually show up in your GED® exam. Much of the content you study will go untested, unfortunately. And if you focused too much of your attention on these topics, you will be upset that you weren’t able to get credit for it.

3. Not Focusing Enough Time On the Right Content.

This is inversely saying what the previous bullet stated.

After spending all of your time studying content that will not even be tested, you forgo studying the content that ends up on your exam.

This is a very common mistake many candidates make when they take their exam for the first time. Candidates assume they know what will show up on the exam when in reality they are only gambling with their future. Don’t fall into this category. Instead, be proactive about your studies by using a trusted source, like GED Fast, to help lead you in the right direction.

4. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time To Study.

We have discussed many times that the GED® exam is not a walk in the park. It requires serious studying in order to succeed.

A mistake we see a lot of candidates make is not giving themselves enough time to prepare for the exam.

For example, don’t wait until 2 weeks before your exam to start studying the material. You are making it impossible for yourself to pass. Don’t waste your money on testing fees taking this exam multiple times.

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